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How much is the monthly rate?

At Hopecare Homes, we charge an all-inclusive flat rate that does not increase as the resident needs more care. We also provide all care items such as incontinence products, gloves, wipes, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, linens, nail care, etc. Please contact us for our current all-inclusive flat rate.

What is included in the monthly rate?

Our goal is to provide you with the exact cost for your loved one, both today and in the future. We do not charge any extras.


All of our rooms are equipped with a flat screen TV and Comcast cable, as well as wireless e internet. We have several portable phones that residents can use in the privacy of their rooms to make phone calls. Care products, such as incontinence supplies, gloves, wipes, hearing aid batteries, Ensure supplements, etc. – are provided by us.


Also included are all meals and snacks, daily laundry, feet and nail care, medication management, activities, linens, and close supervision day and night.

Are there any move in fees?

We charge a $500 move in fee, which is billed on the initial invoice at move in.

How much do we pay if our resident moves out or passes away?

If a resident passes away, Hopecare Homes charge the resident for as many days as the room remains occupied with the resident’s personal possessions. Since the month is generally prepaid, the remaining balance of the prepaid month is refunded to the family.


If a resident chooses to move out, such as to follow a family member to another state, or because they have chosen to seek a different living facility, then a 30-day notice period is required.

Do Hopecare Homes accept hospice?

Most of our residents sign up for hospice care at the end of life. There are several different hospice providers we work with (Evergreen Hospice, Providence Hospice, Kaiser Hospice), but in all cases, the hospice team visits the home and provides guidance, support, and additional services (such as social work, spiritual support, music therapy) but the resident is able to remain in the home, with comfort meds to ensure comfort at the end of life while being cared for by the caregivers who love and know them. Hospice is usually initiated when the resident has a gradual or sudden change in status which is life threatening and when it is not possible to treat the condition, or the family or resident chooses not to continue to seek treatment. Many residents continue to live for months or even years after hospice is initiated, as it does not mean that care is withdrawn, or death is imminent, it simply means that the family and the resident have accepted that medical treatment. At this point, hospitalization is no longer the goal and quality of life for the remaining time is what is most important.


Is there an additional monthly charge if a resident enrolls in hospice?

No.  Hospice is a program which offers comfort and dignity at end of life and Hopecare Homes values the philosophy of quality care that hospice offers. 

If you are interested in moving a loved one to a Hopecare Home and we are currently full, there is no cost to be on our waiting list. If you decide to place your loved one’s name on our waiting list, we will call you and let you know as openings develop and you can then either accept or decline the available room, depending on your resident's needs at the time.

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